Famous sportsmen who are fans of casinos

Find out who the famous ones are who enjoy casino games , in the traditional format or in the modern and popular online version . Always very popular , these celebrities frequent casinos around the world and make large bets. Know who they are here!

Gerard Pique

The FC Barcelona and Spanish soccer team defender is a big poker fan and a very skilled player. He started going to casinos in England, when he played for Manchester United. He studied this game thoroughly and learned to play quickly. He has won several important casino tournaments.

Neymar Jr

The world football star is not only competitive on the pitch, but also on the game tables. In several interviews, he declared that he likes card games, especially poker, which he defined as one of his passions when he is not playing football. Currently, Neymar receives assistance from a professional in this category, André Akkari, with whom he is a close friend.

David Beckham

David Beckham has always demonstrated his passion for gambling. When playing for Manchester United, the English used to frequent the most famous casinos in the UK. In addition, he also spent a lot of time playing poker at the best casinos in Las Vegas.

Rafael Nadal

The tennis monarch, also known as “Bull Miura”, in addition to his aptitude for tennis, is a very skilled poker player. He always liked this game, since he used to get together with friends to enjoy some games until he started going to casinos. Everything changed when he was sponsored by an international online bookmaker . From then on, he began to learn from professional poker players and participate in tournaments. Currently, Nadal plays online poker frequently.

After reading this article, it became evident that, like everyone else, celebrities are also into casino games. So don’t be surprised if the next time you play online you end up sharing a room with your favorite sportsman or actor.

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