Dragon Tiger baccarat, a variant of baccarat you’ll love!

Dragon Tiger baccarat is often described as the two-card version of the famous baccarat. The live baccarat alone, it’s an easy game to understand. The Dragon Tiger is almost addictive! You find this game in live casinos. Playing with real dealers and punters from around the world, available 24 hours a day!

 In live casinos it is luxuriously set in settings full of Asian references. That confirm the origin of the game. It is an extremely popular type of richdaddy game in Asia, but for some years now it has been gaining the sympathy of players from all continents!

On the table, only two cards out of an amount of eight decks are drawn by the dealer and dealt as follows: one to the tiger, and one to the dragon. The player’s role is just to bet on one of them, which he judges will be the highest in the game. The tie option is also offered. Afterwards, the dealer turns the two cards over, revealing if the winning option is in the tiger, in the dragon. Or (at lesser odds) the tie between them.

It’s the kind of game that anyone can play without worrying about richdaddy free credit strategy, although there is one for anyone who wants to. Information available in the interface such as general entries and statistics that can help in a forecast.

As soon as the dealer turns over the cards and declares the winner, a new game starts. On average, rounds take 25 seconds. This means that six rounds of the game can be completed in just over two minutes.

Payments in this baccarat

In general, minimum bets are $5 and maximum bets are $50. Winning players get the same money back if they are brave enough to bet on a tie. They will receive 11:1. Also, half of the main bet is returned.

The Dragon Tiger in the Live Casino

When we talk about live casino, we are saying that you can have a little piece of Las Vegas wherever you are! Real and charming dealers interact with you in real time. In luxurious and completely immersive environments!

With several angle options, the cameras capture every movement of the game in quality and high definition images. And the sound is clean and clear to the player in front of the screen.

Final considerations

The biggest advantage of such a simple game is that everyone can play it! Low stakes are also a great attraction for those who want to spend their time in an exciting way. In quick and live matches.

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